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SEED Teen is closed to new enrollment as of 2/16/2021. Please feel free to review our website to learn more about our study.

Welcome to the SEED Teen website. SEED stands for the Study to Explore Early Development. SEED is the largest epidemiological study to-date designed to compare children with autism and other developmental delays to children without these delays. You and your child participated in SEED when your child was between the ages of three and five. We greatly appreciate your contributions to SEED and are excited about the things we are learning from the research. To learn about recent study findings please click here.

Now we would like to learn more about how children continue to develop as they grow older and hope you are willing to assist us with a new phase of SEED-the SEED Teen Follow-Up Study (SEED Teen). You can learn more about SEED Teen by browsing this website or you may contact us by phone or Email.